Man Enters Woman’s Unlocked Apartment Weeks after They Shared a Taxi

Drunk dude walks into an unlocked apartment and tries to make small talk.

This one's creepy so brace yourself. Another horror story from the land of r/LetsNotMeet. Also maybe proof that the days of ride shares, and splitting taxis should be gone for good.

Our OP starts by saying that she shared a taxi with a stranger as they were both traveling to the same area. After they got out of the taxi, he walked her to her apartment and they chatted for a bit. Unfortunately, now the man knew where she lived.

Our OP states that she would always lock the door to her apartment but for one reason or another just didn't this one time. It was a few weeks after she had shared the taxi and she had just settled into bed. That's when she heard the voice.

A shadowy figure appears in the dark. There's no escaping her bedroom. Her heart starts to race. Who was this? What did they want? How did they get into her apartment? Then he spoke.

"Don't you remember me?"
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