A Hero Told Us the Best Domino’s Discount Code and Then Disappeared

People have always been desperate to discover Dominos discount hacks, and a new hero may have given us the best one yet... before disappearing into anonymity.

Back on March 12th, the TikTok financial guru Josh Rincon made this video, revealing two Dominos discount codes, 9220 and 9174, that can get you a three-topping large pizza for $14.99, a 40% discount. His video format is a copy of the popular Money Lawyer Erika account, who also makes financial hack videos. But those aren't the best codes. 

Responding to Josh's video, a man named Ian Hunt decided to reveal an even more powerful code, 5162, that brings a five-topping large pizza to just $10.79. But before anyone could figure out how Ian came about this important information, he made his TikTok account private. Through TikTok's duet feature, we still have access to the video, but Ian's true identity may never be revealed. The popular TikToker and self-proclaimed "President of the fast food secrets club" Jordan the Stallion also made a video revealing these two codes, claiming that he has not paid full price for a pizza in 20 years. However, his video was released just after Ian's, so it's possible that's where he came about the codes. In this subsequent video, however, he comes good on his expertise by releasing even more Dominos codes. 

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