"Barstool Sports" Founder Gets Defensive about Saying the N-Word

The guys at Barstool Sports aren't new to controversy. After settling a dispute with the National Labor Relations Board only six months ago, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy is being called out online for videos of him repeatedly using the N-word, joking about an employee wearing black face, and comparing Colin Kaepernick to a member of the Taliban.

In light of the resurfaced clips, a bunch of people are calling for NASCAR to cut their advertising contract with Barstool, which they renewed this February.

The call comes after NASCAR's recent decisions to stand up for driver Bubba Wallace after a bunch of fans whined about him adding Black Lives Matter decals to his car, as well as suspend Kyle Larson for using a racial slur and ban Confederate flags.

NASCAR hasn't officially responded to the videos, but if they want to try to pump out more positive publicity for themselves they may take some action.

Portnoy responded to the cancel campaign with a blog post listing several non-racist things he's done, but he doesn't seem to understand that occasionally supporting Black athletes doesn't somehow give you a pass to then say racist things.

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