Colonel Sanders' Nephew Is Dishing So Much Dirt on the Family Business That KFC Canada Has Disowned Him

Colonel Harlan Sanders passed away on December 16th, 1980. Since then, the brand has tried resurrecting his image using different actors and comedians along the way.

But the true legacy is being carried on by his actual nephew, who dresses like the Colonel, grooms his mustache, and is dropping insider tea on the fast food business. With a TikTok following of over 300K, this guy relishes in promoting and preserving the good name of his uncle as well as the other chicken restaurant his family founded; Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken.

The self-proclaimed 'unofficial spokesperson' for Lee's, is also still very much involved in sharing history, facts, and dirt on KFC. So much so, that he is currently in a quarrel with KFC Canada, as the two parties disagreed on how Colonel Sanders' should be branded. The tift ended with KFC Canada blocking the nephew's account.

He has a number of videos ranting about the disrespect that KFC Canada (as well as other countries) has brought upon his uncle. He has however stated, "my goal is for them to use him, but respectfully."

He also claims that he is the one who leaked the 11 secret herbs and spices last year. Take that for what it's worth.

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