Remembering Gilbert Gottfried With His Legendary Hollywood Squares Appearance

Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried passed away today at the age of 67. His passing was reported by his family in a message they shared to the comedian's Twitter account, where they praised him as the most iconic voice in comedy, and commemorated him as a brother, husband, and father.

Gottfried will be most remembered for his popular voice acting rolls and stand up routines, always using his unique shrill voice to perfect effect, and cracking us up in the process.

Perhaps our favorite Gilbert Gottfried moment comes in the form of this appearance on the game show Hollywood Squares, where both contestants needed his square to win. All they had to do was determine if what Gottfried was saying was true, but time after time they were wrong, to which the comedian would shout, "you fool!"

The comedic timing, his voice, the reactions of other celebrities, and the fact that neither contestant could answer a 50/50 question all make this one of the funniest game show moments of all time, made possible by Gottfried's genius. Join us in remembering Gilbert Gottfried by watching him make a fool of these Hollywood Squares contestants.
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