Jared Leto Free Climbs the Side of Five-Star Berlin Hotel Because... Why?

Morbius and Suicide Squad star Jared Leto was filmed climbing up the side of the five-star Hotel De Rome Spider-man style on Monday, much to the surprise of onlookers beneath him. Jared, you don't play that superhero!

While the stunt was amusing, to say the least, it left the same burning question in every viewer's mind, as articulated perfectly by @ladidaix:

"Why tho?"

The last time somebody was seen free-climbing the side of a building, it was the anti-abortion activist Maison Des Champs, who climbed the side of the Salesforce Tower in San Fransisco. But whatever Leto's motivations were for climbing the Hotel De Rome, we can safely assume they weren't political. 

"*Cue the Mission: Impossible theme*" the Paramount Twitter account commented. 

According to a TMZ report, Leto was seen with the popular TikToker youneszarou around the Hotel. youneszarou is known for his visual stunt videos and has 52.5 million subscribers. It would seem likely that Leto was taking part in one of those videos, although there is currently no such clip on the TikTok channel. 

I wonder if Jared exclaimed "It's Morbin' Time" before scaling the wall, hoping to possess his character's superhuman strength. 

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