King Charles’ Guards Using Fake Arms to Hide Guns?

We take an intriguing look at King Charles' security guards at the Queen's funeral.

Is it obvious that security guards for the King are going to be armed? Yes, of course. But that doesn't mean this isn't suspicious AF. The fact that it seems like they are hiding their guns is kind of jarring and a little messed up.

But even more weird is it looks like the King's guards are using fake arms and hands in order to pull off the disguise. Thanks to jace_the_ace on TikTok, we get an extreme close-up look at what might be happening here.

Now I don't tend to buy into conspiracy theories very often, but this one might have reeled me in. We can see what looks like prosthetic or even plastic hands that straight up DO NOT MOVE. We can see them on both guards featured in the video.

What really sold it for me is the bulge in the second guard's jacket. Clearly something is going on in there, and the dead hand only makes it more glaring. Is that a gun in your jacket or are you just happy to see me?
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