NYPD Drops the Ball, Civilian First to Catch Subway Shooter

Here's the real of hero of NYC.

After Tuesday's subway shooting in Brooklyn, it became very clear that the NYPD in reality did very little to help the situation. One of the first responders had a faulty walkie-talkie and actually had to ask a bystander to call 911.

The MTA - known for being less than helpful on any given day - even seemed to lend more of a hand than the police. With a train across the platform open for victims who had been shot, and an area for medics to work.

Even more shocking was the 'alert' that was sent to everyone's cellular device nearly 24 hours AFTER the active shooter had gotten away.

But the icing on the cake is that a security camera installer named Zack Tahhan is the one who found the suspect. As Zack describes it, the suspect who we now know as Frank James, was casually walking down the street. Zack had the wherewithal to flag down officers upon catching James.

Mayor Eric Adams was quick to credit the NYPD, but honestly we're riding with Zack. He's the true hero.
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