Paraglider Lands on the Wrong Roof, Jumps off to Evade Security

This paraglider pulled a stunt for the ages in Brazil, jumping off the side of a building after being confronted by the rooftop security of his chosen landing spot.

The glider, who's landing on the rooftop was anything but straightforward with his parachute hanging off the side of the building, found himself in a situation more akin to a James Bond movie than real life. Black suit wearing security guards immediately emerged from within, telling him he needed to get down. Taking their words literally, this glider decided to take the quickest way down, standing on the side ledge, and only briefly situating his parachute before jumping. Letting out a joyous "woohoo" on his way down, this paraglider landed safely on the beach below, ready to continue his fearless life without a care in the world.

What building did he land on? Why did he land there? Who were the men in black? And why does he think he can live life like he's in a Just Cause game? We don't know those answers, but we do know that it made for some entertaining viewing.
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