Idiot Shooting Instructor Dodges Live Rounds on the Shooting Range

Trusting your students is an important part of being a good teacher. But this police instructor for the civil police homicide investigation unit in Paraná Brazil might trust his students a little too much. 

Adding a live element to a live round firing exercise, he dodges back and forth between his students and the targets. 

Luiz Moura is the director of the school, and although he did not condone the training exercise, he was less than critical. "This technique was specifically given to a police unit who are already experienced," he said. It "has a very important use for stress-testing under intense pressure." He also went on to say that the instructor is experienced, and a veteran of many successful real-world special operations. I'd like to defer to their judgment here, but this clip does not inspire confidence. Viewers watching the video on Twitter didn't think so either. 

"How can people be taught to respect guns and life when their instructor ignores both?" @Davidenkness asked.

“Ok Frank so the recruits aren’t great, any way you can step up the training?”@e90mcd joked. 

Combat veteran or not, he better make sure his students like him before attempting this drill. It would be a bit too easy to make sure you get a different teacher next week.

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