Lone Rat Causes Mass Panic at the Dog Park

Isn't springtime lovely in New York city? The cherry blossoms have bloomed, the temperature is mild, and the rats have been getting nice and fat all winter, readying their arrival. But really, spring is fantastic, rats however not so much.

So when a lone rat found himself walking down the wrong street, so to speak, every dog within bark shot wanted a taste of him. Don't worry, the rat was fine and made its escape, so if you're squeamish, there isn't anything in the video that will totally freak you out.

Lucky the owners of this pack were quick to grab their dogs. I bet it's a two-pronged approach here. On one hand, you don't want your lab-breed pet to come into contact with something as gross as a rat, and on the other, you don't want to have to clean up a dead rat from the dog park. We bet he's going to tell his friends about this experience and no rat is coming near this dog park any time soon.
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