The Dankest Videos in Honor of 4/20

A collection of clips about weed, smoking, getting busted, and more that were featured on the site over the years.


It's 4/20 mothaf***as, and you know what that means! It means if you live in a state that allows the consumption of marijuana - and ONLY one of those states (happy now, Jeff from Legal?) - today's THE day to blaze it! Smoke 'em if you got 'em (if you're 21 or over, DAMNIT JEFF STOP KILLING THE VIBE) and if you do, these videos will be even better!

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Group of Stoners Make Their Great Escape from a Pesky Policeman

Mom Has Adorable Freakout After Mistakenly Eating Edible

The Party Bible: Litter Buds

Stoned Dude Gives Hilarious Live TV News Interview 

420 Concernt Disaster

Dude Shows Up Stoned Out of His Mind For A Job Interview

What to Do if You're Too High on Weed

Snoop Dogg Has a Full-Time Blunt Roller On Staff Who Rols 81 Blunts a Day and Earns $40-50k Annually

Thug Life Bird Steals Dude's Joint

Cops Get So Stoned on Stolen Weed They Think They're Dying

Neighbor's Cat is Definitely on to Two dudes Smoking Weed

Prank - HammyTV Sells Weed While Driving Uber To Freak Out Passengers

Guy Comes Home to Discover His Dog Stole His Bag of Weed

Dispensary Clerk Defeats Mace-Wielding Thieves Using Gigantic Glass Bong

Genius Stoner Lights Joint With Only a Piece of Glass

Smoking Doinks in Amish

Comedian's Take on Buying Weed from White People

"Weed Jesus" Blesses His Followers With Massive Hits

Weed Traffickers Get So High They Turn Themselves In

Guy tries to rob weed from Los Angeles weed dispensary Owned by crips

Cops in Full Uniforms Hitting a Blunt

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