Woman Starts "Ministry of Dung" Religion So She Can Eat Her Own Poop

You may think this is fake. How do we know that's actually poop that she's eating out of a bowl like it's chocolate ice cream? How do we know it's not brownie batter or something else and she's just trolling us?

I'm not 100% convinced myself. But if you feel so inclined, check out her website and Instagram [WARNING: graphic], where she shares many more photos of poop-filled bowls and explains in detail why she eats poop as her personal way to praise God.

This woman may very well be an elaborate prankster, but if the prank she's pulling is pretending to smear doo-doo on her face and chow it down with a s***-eating grin, then she's just pranking herself. So maybe she's #winning after all.

This woman claims that on March 6th, 2020, God told her Jesus had "died on the cross with a hippopotamus belly full of dung." Her response was to start her own religion called the Ministry of Dung.

If you want something to wash your eyeballs now, click here.
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