Woman Gets Assaulted by Karens For Not Wearing a Bra

This woman found herself under attack by a group of Karens for allegedly not wearing a bra. After live-streaming the attack to Instagram for documentation, this woman's video has gone viral and sparked strong reactions.

The attacker has since been arrested and charged with assault, and judging by the repeated strikes and pursuit on this video, that comes as no surprise. What does come as a surprise is that anyone could have such a strong reaction to another person simply not wearing a bra under their shirt. Seemingly just riding her bike, the assaulter silently and slowly pursues while staring intensely between slap attacks. Ultimately the attacker ends up on top of the victim's car in a classic move pulled by Karens everywhere, while the onlookers stare with silent creepy inaction.

People are confused as to why the attacker had such a strong reaction, and many are speculating racially charged motives as well. Ultimately, it's a shame that the victim had to suffer through such a ridiculous and despicable attack.
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