Ezra Miller Grooming

DC’s The Flash star Ezra Miller is once again starring in a news flash instead of a 'Flash' movie, and the latest round of allegations against the superhero lead might just be the worst yet. Miller is being accused of grooming and abusing 18 year old Tokata Iron Eyes, who the 29 year old actor has known since the pair were 23 and 12 respectively. Tokata’s parents have filed a protective order, but the courts are unable to locate Miller at this time.

Ezra Miller

The last two months have been very eventful on the legal front for 'The Flash,' seeing Miller arrested multiple times in Hawaii, once for disorderly conduct, and again for second degree assault. The first incident came at a karaoke bar, where Miller slapped a microphone from a woman while she was singing, and lunged at a man playing darts. The next came after the actor threw and struck a woman in the head with a chair at a private gathering. Miller was also hit with a restraining order from a couple who claimed the movie star stole things from their room, and threatened to kill them. All of this comes after the actor was caught on video throwing a woman to the ground by the neck in 2020.

Ezra Miller Mugshots

The allegations set forth by Tokata’s parents state that Ezra Miller groomed their daughter, and used violence, drugs, and fear to maintain control over her. Their protective order was approved by courts in North Dakota, however those courts have been unable to locate the pair to serve them the papers. If true, the allegations represent behavior even more despicable than the litany of examples Ezra Miller already has on offer, and would likely mean an end to their acting career, if not status as a free person altogether.

Ezra Miller, The Flash

In the meantime, Tokata has released a statement refuting the claims of her parents, and says that she is in the company of Miller by her own free will. Miller on the other hand, perhaps displaying a level of judgment that is to be expected, has only posted a number of images and memes to their Instagram. Here are some of those.

Ezra Miller Instagram

Ezra Miller Instagram

Ezra Miller Instagram

No matter the truth of this particular situation, the fact remains that Ezra Miller has proven to be erratic at the very least, and on top of multiple reports of outbursts and difficulty on set, it seems unlikely DC and Warner Brothers will choose to continue with Miller as 'The Flash' in the future. In the meantime however, the solo movie starring that character is set to release next year, and as filming has already concluded, it seems unlikely that any changes could be made on such a scale as to remove Miller. Whether or not Warner Brothers is forced to axe the entire project so close to its finish line likely hinges on the outcome of this latest scandal. We just hope that all parties involved remain safe, and can get the help they need. If not, it all might come burning down in a flash.