Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley went down Sunday night and was, as expected, a chaotic ride from start to finish no matter who you were rooting for. With Paul winning by split decision over the ex-UFC welterweight champ -- especially after being dropped by a hard left by Woodley in the fourth round -- many in the MMA community, as well as generic haters of Paul who see the celebrity influencer as a toolbag of the highest order, were left sorely disappointed Sunday night and Monday morning. 

Many hoped to see Jake Paul get knocked the f**k out by "The Chosen One," viewing this as one last chance for the ex-champ to redeem himself after a legacy-defining four-fight skid that concluded his tenure with the UFC. And many were disappointed. Many were amused. Some were surprised. And a whole lot of people chose to express themselves with hilarious memes on Twitter as the fight was going down. 

Let's not forget the fact that Woodley and Paul had a bizarre tattoo bet wherein the loser was supposed to get "I Love [winner's name]" tattooed to their body after the fight. Well, apparently, Paul brought a tattoo artist.