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The Santa Clarita animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn posted a video on social media Monday, detailing their rescue of an abandoned pig. That pig, named Pearl, was formerly owned by Logan Paul.

The Gentle Barn stated in their post that Pearl was "found abandoned in a field next to another pig who had died," and that "she came to us with tattered ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus that has since been healed." They finished by welcoming Pearl to her new home, where she will be loved and cared for. 

According to The Gentle Barn, "people often buy 'mini pigs' or 'teacup pigs' for clout online, believing they will stay small," before discarding them when they become too big to care for. According to Paul, he was forced to give up Pearl when he moved to Puerto Rico in 2020, relinquishing her care to a horse ranch in Santa Clarita. From there, she moved to a farm across the street after the horse ranch was sold by its owner. 

Paul, who recently made headlines for his alleged CryptoZoo scam, originally acquired Pearl from a breeder in 2018 believing her to be a 'teacup' pig. It didn't take long for him to realize that she was not. 

Upon learning of Pearl's rescue, Paul reached out to The Gentle Barn via email, asking to "contribute to her care again." and detailing her journey after leaving his home. 

logan paul - pig pearl, the gentle barn

While Paul's culpability in Pearl's mistreatment appears to stop at his failure to properly vet others - something he has a tough time doing based on his CryptoZoo defense - the influencer is yet again on the wrong end of another scandal. No matter where the explicit blame lies, there is a definite pattern of Logan Paul failing to follow through on his responsibilities when other beings have something on the line, be they human or hog. 

Paul's email says it was "shocking and heartbreaking to hear the state she was found." TMZ claims that one of their sources told them Paul "was very upset to learn of Pearl's condition and is truly grateful to Gentle Barn." 

The gentle barn - logan paul pig pearl