netflix cuties movie

Netflix is preparing to release a new movie about an 11 year-old girl who joins a dance crew and find success by twerking.

That may sound like a premise from Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly, but to Netflix's credit, they have somewhat of a history of making problematic stuff about children that no one really likes.

cuties netflix movie description

While pedophilia conspiracies are at an all-time high, you'd think a company would postpone a film that blatantly sexualizes little girls, unless of course Netflix is part of the global cabal that summer in Little Saint James.

The movie's poster is so troubling that parts of 4Chan banned sharing images of it for fear they would lead users down a path toward pedophilia.

And when a website known for posting pics of aborted fetuses and vomit-inducing surgery horror stories says your kids movie is too much for them, you probably gotta admit you have a problem.

Netflix apologized for the offensive poster, but so far it looks like they're going to be releasing it as planned.

In case you hadn't guessed, the movie was made by some French people, who are known to be creeps from time to time.

As gross as this is, not sure the FBI's really gonna consider it a priority. Good luck though, bud!