Twitter user Jack Wagner blessed the timeline with a photo of a gym bro with one of the best tramp stamp the internet has ever seen. A now viral tweet includes pictures of the living legend donning a plethora of tattoos, none more impressive than a Baja Blast tramp stamp.

The internet immediately fell in love. There's something special about a fountain drink born in the spicy womb of our favorite fast-food Mexican restaurant that gives the beverage its magnetizing aura.

Similar sentiments rang out, from "King" to "Legend," and we can't help but admire the man as well. Not only for his devotion but for his confidence in showing off a tramp stamp in public. It's always good to see people getting meaningful tattoos instead of something they might regret later in life.

Champ Stamp indeed. Good day to Baja Blast tattoo man, and Baja Blast tattoo man only.