20 Twitter Memes for When You Get Bought by Elon Musk

It's official. Elon Musk has just bought Twitter.

The richest man in the world has reached a deal that will make him the owner of Twitter. The price? A sensible $45 billion. Chump change, I'm sure.

Elon Musk has preached quite a bit about freedom of speech when it comes to the app/site. So we'll see if that's a strategy that he intends to implement. This move could be beneficial, or it could be the worst thing ever. It doesn't seem like there is much agreement politically, that's for sure.

But with news this big, we obviously wanted to check in with the demented minds of the internet, and they did not disappoint. Thanks to Twitter (coincidentally) we've collected some of the dankest memes and reactions following this historic exchange. While Elon is busy purchasing apps, I'll just be over here pinching pennies and not adding extra guac to my burrito at Chipotle.
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