23 Guys Who Aren't Really That Tough

These guys look really tough. After all they talk the talk. The thing is, in order to be truly tough you have to walk the walk. Do they? Well I guess there is no way of really knowing, but I think it is safe to say that it is unlikely that most of them really do walk the walk. Maybe they have the gear. Maybe they have the training, or at least a bit of it. Maybe they even really do have the desire and just lack a proper outlet to use it. But ultimately, the odds that guys who are truly tough would feel the need to let everybody else know online are not that great.

They say that the best way to go about your business is to let your work do the talking. After all, that's what you'd be talking about anyway. And let's be honest. If these people were really going to be tough, they would have done it already, and wouldn't need to talk about it online. Oh, and they'd be in jail.
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