24 Guys Who Aren’t Really That Tough

These guys think they're tough. Are they really? I suppose there is no way to really know, but judging by how hard they want to shove their toughness down our throats it seems like they might be compensating for something, or perhaps, they're actually not all that tough after all. Gathered from r/iamverybadass, these guys might have all the looks, but do they really have what it takes to be a real tough guy?

There is no real dictionary definition of what being a tough guy means. Does it mean you can win in a fight? Does it mean you have more money? More prowess with the ladies? More weight room accolades? Or does it mean simply that you're someone who is confident within yourself and your identity enough that you don't need to show it off to other people all the time for them to realize who you are? I would go with that last one, but like I said, there's no real definition.
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