30 Fake Tough Guys Embarrassing Themselves

These guys are really tough. No, I promise you, they are. Look how tough they're being in their tough poses, and how threatening they sound with their tough words. I'm shaking in fear behind my keyboard, the same way I'm sure they're shaking with outrage behind theirs, ready at a moments notice to jump to attention and beat up anybody who challenges their fragile masculinity, stamping them out of existence with their military grade combat boots, and loading up their gun closet ready to take on the end of the world. Check them out at r/iamverybadass.

Ok, maybe they're not actually that tough. Could they beat me up like they claim? Maybe. But the point is who cares? Perhaps real toughness comes with the self confidence not to need to prove that toughness at all times. Maybe real toughness doesn't need to announce itself, or seek validation from random people across the internet. Maybe real masculinity comes from feeling comfortable with one's self, whatever form that takes, and being happy for others to feel the same. Yeah, maybe these guys aren't actually as tough as they think they are.
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