Oklahoma Mayor Gets Trolled for Simping Hard for Elon Musk

In an attempt to convince Elon Musk to open a Tesla factory in the state, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma unveiled a 70 ft. statue they had painted to look like the Musk himself.

The statue has been around for decades—good to know they didn't actually build this thing just for Elon Musk—and is better known as the Golden Driller. It gets repainted every now and then to be used in advertisements or PSAs, but its newest paint job is looking creepier than ever.

Elon hasn't indicated whether he has any interest in opening up a Tesla factory there, so at this point the state is just shamelessly begging him for his business. Not exactly a strong position to be in.

Safe to say almost no one is excited about this gigantic Elon statue.

Which raises the question: how long will it take to get defaced? (A: probably not long.)
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