Postal Worker Sends Entitled Karen to Prison

Don't mess with the mail. It's an adage as old as the postal service, and something this Karen found out the hard way. This story, told on r/EntitledKarens, details a Karen who messed with the wrong mailman, and winds up in prison after deciding to destroy mail, and ultimately accuse him of rape, all because... honestly there doesn't seem to be any explanation. For more entitled Karen content, check out Entitles Karens Spotted in Their Natural Habitats.

I am a mailman, and my route consists of a single stop with 65 community boxes for a large gated community of 800 houses. Each community box has 8-16 mailboxes in it, 1-2 lockers for parcels, and an outgoing mail slot. Each box has a master lock that opens the entire front of the box so that I can access all of the mailboxes inside of it without having to open all of them individually...
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