'40 Hrs a Week is a Hobby': Man Brags About His Insane Work Schedule

This blue collar worker brags about his insane hours as a response to a TikTok bashing the 40 hour work week.

"All of my blue collar brothers are stifling a laugh that would just drain the soul out of that kid," he says. "40 Hours? I remember my first part time job." He goes on to detail his various money making ventures, including a standard full time job doing line development, part time gig as a bouncer, and friendly favor de-icing 22 acres of parking lot for his buddy who owns a mall. Based on his numbers, that puts his weekly total at 66 to 85 hour give or take.

While his dedication is admirable, and he claims to enjoy his lifestyle, it is wrong to mock other kinds of workers struggling with an exploitive system. Even his friend is taking advantage of him. As one comment says, "'My friend’s rich enough to buy an entire mall and he pays me to de-ice his parking lot' has got to be some level of hell."

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