Even though we are just barely past Christmas and the New Year, it's never too soon to take a look back at some things from the previous year. There was a whole heck of a lot that happened in 2021.

From the insurrection at the Capitol, Texas literally freezing over, billionaires racing to space, to the Afghanistan war abruptly ending after 20 years, it was definitely a wild year.

There were plenty of ups and downs in 2021, from Tom Brady winning *another* Super Bowl to the tragedy at the Astrowold Festival there was no shortage of emotional moments.

We also sadly had to say goodbye to some household names last year such as Betty White, DMX, Jessica Walter, Prince Phillip, George Segal, and many more.

With a new year comes a fresh start and a chance to move on and make the world and our own lives a better place.  Before we get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle, let's take a quick look back at the Top 20 featured articles on the site from 2021.  You can click any of the images below to open up the article in a separate tab.


Bam Margera was on the road to recovery and getting healthy and sober when he hit quite the bump in the road. This piece was not only personal for all of us who are fans, but also a plea for him to get help.


There's no shortage of negativity and sad stories on the internet so it's always a much-welcomed break when you get a dose of uplifting and wholesome internet content.


Beefs in the music industry are not a new thing. Last year MGK threw some shade at Slipknot's Corey Taylor after a potential collab fell apart. Taylor, however, responded shortly thereafter... and he brought receipts! Turns out, Kelly's the one being a lil b*tch about Taylor turning him down after not feeling like the right fit for Kelly's sound.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is definitely not two robot children in a meat suit, celebrated America's birthday with an odd display of patriotism that left many scratching their heads.


Instead of being you know a mature grown adult, Avery's father took the petulant child approach and paid the $800 child support balance in 80,000 pennies. 80,000 pennies which he decided to dump and leave on Avery's mother's front lawn.


Two dudes (one of which who now works for us) had been tweeting at Billy Zane since 2016 and in the magical year of 2021, they finally got a response.


As part of the Covid-19 Relief and spending bill, the US intelligence agencies were forced to share what they know about UFOs, give an unclassified report about the aircraft, as well as an analysis of any UFO data and any possible security threats they pose. The report ended up being nothing more than a formal "we don't know" to the disappointment of many UFO and Alien enthusiasts.


Jarod Nandin, the guy who famously dressed up as the annoying World of Warcraft gamer from South Park, has passed away from complications due to COVID-19.


According to reports the plumber had been called to fix a broken toilet, and while doing his work he stumbled across envelopes of checks and cash stuffed inside a wall. Is anyone really surprised?


A Burger place in California made headlines after they enacted a new policy that forbids minors under 18 from dining without a guardian. And the reasons for doing so are pretty hilarious.


Twitch decided to side with the simps (or more likely the revenue) and allowed all kinds of thirst-trap streams that had nothing to do with gaming and angered much of the twitch community.


A truly wholesome moment was when Mr. Fraser got a little teary-eyed when a fan was expressing her support and adoration for him.  To be fair he's had a tough few years since his late-90's heyday, and we're just happy as hell to see him doing well again!


An attempted armored car robbery in South Africa (that went viral online) was foiled by the incredibly well-trained and brave driver of the armored car, and soon after more info and additional footage came out of the incident.


A fall from grace moment when Carson King, a 21-year-old YouTuber and Minecraft streamer known as CallMeCarson, was exposed for sexually grooming underage girls.


Joe Schilling, a professional MMA fighter and Muay Thai kickboxer, knocked a drunk guy out cold at a bar in Florida, got dragged online after posting a video of the all-too-brief fight -- if you can even call it that.


DarkSide, the hacking collective behind the Colonial Pipeline hack, has reportedly lost access to their own systems and lost nine months' worth of ransom payments totaling 90 million dollars.


The pictures going around social media, show an image of The Weeknd with facial injections in his cheeks and lips. The images fooled many fans and news outlets but ended up just being a publicity stunt.


Scotty's mom. Is she a classic MILF? Let me put it this way. Yes, yes she is. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm looking for something more mature in a marriage. Maybe I just want the perfect excuse to sing "Scotty Doesn't Know" after a romp in the bedroom.


Salma Hayek, the pinnacle of 90s hotness and still unbelievably, ridiculously good-looking at 54 years old, has been steadily posting Instagram selfies featuring her lounging around in various items of swimwear, often bikinis. She claims to have no intention of stopping.


Pete Davidson has had his share of seemingly out-of-his-league hotties in Hollywood, as well as some public spats with celebrities; but revenge is a dish best served cold, only this time Kanye is stuck with the bill.